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COVIN-19 Disinfecting - Modified Cleaning Process

With the recent pandemic declaration, DM Burr is providing an alternative to the normal cleaning we are currently receiving.  The purpose of this modification is to focus heavily on disinfecting hard surfaces and other areas that are most commonly touched (desks, door knobs, sharpeners, handles, light switches, etc.)


The modified scope would include the following:


  • Suspend weekly complete mopping of classroom floors
    • Continue the daily spot mopping
  • Suspend weekly complete vacuuming of carpeted areas
    • Continue to spot vacuum daily
  • Suspend weekly dusting
  • Suspend daily cleaning of classroom white boards
  • Move pencil sharpeners to Tuesday and Thursday clean/empty instead of everyday
  • Continue to sweep hard surfaces daily.
  • Continue to fully clean/disinfect all restrooms and locker rooms daily
  • Disinfect tabletops, door handles and all touch points daily.


This modified plan will free up a great deal of time for our afternoon shift to be able to focus on disinfecting hard surfaces on a daily basis. 


Please be aware that there is a significant difference between cleaning and disinfecting.  Cleaning involves a chemical that is designed to remove dirt, grease and buildup; this product has very little disinfecting properties.  Disinfecting requires a different chemical that is designed to kill viruses and bacteria; this product has very little cleaning properties.  This modification will focus on disinfecting which may result in surfaces still occupying smudges and marks, however, the surface will be free of any viruses or bacteria.