Senior Artist Award Winner - Chloe Houghteling

  • Artist's Statement

         I decided to join art class my sophomore year of high school and my life as an artist began. I have always been creative  and have had a great imagination since I was a child . I believe it influences  how I create my art. Before I had taken the class, I enjoyed drawing and creating, but I would have never imagined coming this far. When I compare my old drawings to the paintings and pieces that I have made recently, it seems as if it is a different person. I believe that becoming the artist I am today has shaped who I am as a person.

          I make multimedia art and acrylic paintings. I have grown so much since my first year taking art class. Before, I was scared to push myself. Looking back, if I had given in to my fear, these two years later I wouldn’t have ever been able to do all the things I have now accomplished. I made myself branch out and use other mediums. . Now, those are the mediums I use on a day to day basis while creating. Art is my outlet from everything else that is happening around me. This allows me to concentrate on what I am doing and not what everyone else is doing in the world. Being able to make art allows my mind to roam and be creative.

          In the past year, I have stuck to mostly acrylic painting, but I also enjoy drawing and using colored pencil, watercolor, and making collages. Three years ago, I would have been admiring those who could paint and draw like I can now. I have spent countless nights staying up late just to finish a painting, or pushing myself to work on a piece for more than a week. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I don't regret any of the time I spent doing so. The hours  that I spent making art helped me learn I am capable of anything.  I kept pushing forward even when I wanted to give up.  I worked hard to become the person and artist that I am today. If you set your mind to succeed , you're capable of amazing things.