Children Swinging

Ram's World

  • The Ram’s World childcare strives to provide a high quality simulating early care and educational experience. Using a developmentally appropriate curriculum, the children social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of young children is fostered in an environment that fosters creativity, self‐choice, and learning through play. The Ram's World program is an affordable quality childcare program that benefits children and the community.

    Goals for Children
    The Ram’s World program strives to provide each child with opportunities to:
    1. Develop a positive self‐image.
    2. Develop appropriate social skills.
    3. Develop language and communication skills.
    4. Develop creativity, and imagination through play.
    5. Develop independence and self‐control.
    6. Develop large and small motor skills.
    7. Develop intellectual skills.
    8. Increase attention span and ability to follow directions.
    9. Experience a nurturing, caring environment.


    Ram's World Brochure